Posters and informational boards are always a welcome sight in a park. They can clue you in to the history of the area or point out a particularly interesting organism within the park. All of these functions serve to educate the public and improve their experience with the outdoors. Iuka Park does not yet have an informational sign, so I chose to design one for it. I found that a park sign was most effective when it could express a few important ideas clearly and eloquently, while describing the details of the physical geology of the park.

The sign above is too wordy, and is not inviting to read due to the clutter.

This is a much more effective sign. The layout is not muddled with text, the images translate information to the viewer, and the sign has a unified purpose. Keeping these design elements in mind, I made a poster for Iuka Park.

For this sign I decided to provide a bit of background history about the park. I thought that it would be important to include some piece of information about Iuka Park and how it relates to the school campus, and the bit of information about the Orton Monument was perfect for connecting geology to this idea. Finally, a brief description of some invasive species in the area is provided for the reader.