Shale Hollow Park

Shale Hollow Park is a park located in Lewis Center, OH. The 211 acres of land include a wide variety of plant zones. A tributary of the Olentangy River runs through the park, and shale rock formations and layers can be seen along with plants that thrive near streams. There are also deciduous and coniferous forrests. Just a few feet from the deciduous forrest a variety of wildflowers can be found in the prairie and meadow area of the preserve.

Plants (part 1)

Two  new trees

-Black Locust (Robina pseudo-acacia)

  • This species (unlike Honey Locust) has short, paired thorns.

-Common catalpa (Catalpa bignonioides)

  • Sometimes called the “cigar tree” because of its long, bean-shaped fruits

Two new shrubs or woody vines

Poison ivy (Rhus radicans)

  • Identifiable by its trifoliate, stalked leaves with two that look like mittens
  • This plant can look like a vine or shrub.


Blackberry (Rubus allegheniensis)

Two member of plants families learned

 – Oxeye Daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum):  [Asteraceae]

 – White Clover (Trilfolium repens) [Fabaceae]

  • This plant can also be found in Europe, western Asia, and north Africa

Flowers and Fruits (part 2)


– Blackberry (Rubus allegheniensis) [Rosaceae family]

Radial symmetry ; 5 separate petals and 5 separate sepals ; perigynous ; apocarpous ; found in prairie/meadow ; raceme

– White Clover (Trifolium repens) [Fabaceae]

Zygomorphic, 5 fused sepals and 5 “separate” petals ; 9 bundled stamens + 1 separate stamen ; hypogenous ; unicarpellate ; found in a field ; umbel

– Ohio spiderwort (Tradescantia ohiensis) [Commelinaceae family]

Radial symmetry ; 3 separate petals on each flower ; flowers in an cluster – cyme ; 2 bracts around bottom of flower cluster ; 3 sepals ; hypogenous ; syncarpous gynoecium ; found in grassy area near trees


-acorn  White Oak (Quercus alba) – dioecious – catkin

-samara White ash (Fraxinus americana)– dioecious – panicle (??)

-capsule Common Catalpa (Catalpa bignonioides)  – panicle






Common Greenshield Lichen


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